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Malibu customers support ban on plastic disposables.

As the damages of single use plastics become apparent, more and more legislators are incited to act.

In this CBS segment you can really see why, it's really about public demand to find an alternative to single use plastic items.

It seems everyone is on-board as the support spreads from business owners to customers,

"I'm an old surfer, yes! let's get rid of them" says an owner of a coffee shop.

"if they raise their prices to accommodate that, that's fine by me". one customer added

One man even offers to use pasta as a straw, the clients seem to appreciate the owners creativity and effort.

"We applaud the owner for making an attempt to(...) solve the problem"

Bio-degradable or even edible alternatives do offer a partial solution to pollution, as they are likely to cause less damage in their afterlife, however, they still have to be produced separately from the cups they will be used along side with.

This requires a second manufacturing line, meaning a stirrer forming machine, a packaging line and storage & shipping efforts, these all increase the hidden costs and impact of supplying such a solution to the masses.

Hygiene is another concern when dealing with edible utensils, packaging them individually is likely to both raise the cost and to negate the positive environmental effect.

The Hybrid-Cup seems to be the only solution that reduces pollution from the production process, to the end-life of the product.

Being added to the paper-cup production line, the Hybrid-Cup reduces the labor, packaging storage and shipping efforts required to supply a cup and stirrer today.

After being used. the Hybrid-Cup can also be recycled in its entirety, enabling stirrers to be effectively collected and treated.

More about paper-cup collection and recycling initiatives on the next post.

Keep it clean Malibu!

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